VST-Type Vibrating Screen-Chute with Sifter

Purpose (function): linear uniform feeding (transport) of the product (stone, coal, lime, etc.) from the collecting hoppers at any vehicle or dosing equipment (conveyor, feeder, bucket conveyer, etc.) of the process chain, as well as separation of fine fraction (up to 40 mm).

Operating principle:  consists of a chute with a mounted sifter under the unloading part (wedge-shaped teeth with corners). Size of fractions sifted is adjusted through the longitudinal movement of the top of the sifter chute. The opposite side of the chute is restricted to a tailgate, to the wall of which two shakers are attached. When the vibration motor is on, the oscillations are transmitted from them to the chute and sifter, stimulating the longitudinal movement of the material (product) on the chute and separation of fine fraction via the sifter. To reduce the vibration loads, the chute is mounted on springs-absorbers. Device operating mode – cyclic/continuous.



No. Designation MU VST-400 VST-600
1. Technical performance t/hour up to 8 up to 30
2. Switching frequency per hour time up to 20 up to 20
3. Dynamic response factor   1,5
4. Power consumption kW 2 х 0,27 2 х 0,95
5. Power voltage V 380 VAC
6. Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm max. 1020х910х740 max. 1520х1250х760
7. Weight kg max. 300 max. 580