FB-Type Feeder-Batcher

Purpose (function): weighing of an exact batch (portion) of the product capable of adjusting speed of product discharge from the hopper.

Operating principle: mounted on strain gauges, receiving hopper of the device allows weighing products coming into it. After product loading into the hopper, the device is immediately ready for subsequent discharging of a batch (portion). Vibrochute of feeder-batcher discharges a batch (portion) of the product with the help of two vibration motors. Vibration motors provide linear product displacement on the chute. The product discharge rate can be controlled through the unbalance of vibration motors’ eccentrics.



No. Designation MU FB
1. Technical performance t/hour 2.0 — 40.0
2. Number of weighing per hour time up to 20
3. Weighing range kg 0 — 2000.0
4. Weighing error % max. 1.5
5. Hopper volume  m3 0,1 — 1,5
6. Chute width mm 400.0 — 800.0
7. Drive type   vibrational
8. Power consumption kW 0.18  — 0.95
9. Weight kg max. 1180,00